Sylvia Tennant | Zaleska Jewelry

The brand started as a creative partnership between my best friend, Danielle Noel, and myself. We met in art school at the University of Victoria and designed jewelry together under the pseudonym Zaleska.

When we first started, we supported every bead store and crystal shop in Victoria and Vancouver. I brought the brand over to the mainland in 2014 and we owe a good deal of our growth to the pop-up events I started booking at UBC and SFU. Zaleska Jewelry has occupied a regular booth at the Eastside Flea in Vancouver for the past few years and I’ve been welcomed into a beautiful community of makers whom I adore.

It’s always a pleasure driving up the Sea to Sky for Refresh Market, and I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and taking part once again this coming November. Throughout our journey we’ve met wonderful people, traveled the world to source beautiful stones, and learned a million things about business (still learning)! Most importantly, all of this has grown from the beautiful friendship we share. Danielle is currently working on her newest project, The Starchild Tarot.

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